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Mission Statement

Your Success In Court

GhostWriter Paralegal prides itself with consistently producing quality legal work product second to none in the paralegal industry. Most final draft substantive legal documents written by GhostWriter Paralegal for Attorneys are filed by those Attorneys with no edits. These are not rote filings, but substantive technical legal pleadings, motions, responses, replies, and memoranda of law drafted specifically for you. These documents are written just the way you would write them- with attention to technical factual detail, and the application of current case law from multiple databases to the specific facts of your case.

GhostWriter Paralegal strives to produce only the best achievable legal work product  obtainable and works for Attorneys only.

GhostWriter Paralegal does not just write, but writes in anticipation of your win in court arguing the legal documents written for you on behalf of your clients.

Your win is also our win!

Your success in Court is our ultimate Mission Statement!

United States Court House
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