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Expanding Your Practice?

GhostWriter Paralegal Can Help You Decide Whether To Take That New Case

If you are an attorney unfamiliar with an area of the law that you are considering delving into, please feel free to contact GhostWriter Paralegal. You may just decide that with our assistance you are more comfortable taking that new case in an area of law that you are expanding your practice to include. 

If you are an attorney thinking about expanding your practice by hiring a new attorney or attorneys, please consider the cost-benefit of hiring GhostWriter Paralegal as a virtual senior paralegal assistant in lieu of hiring a new attorney assistant, in consideration of the quality of legal work product you will receive from GhostWriter Paralegal combined with substantial operating cost savings.

Paralegals may not represent a client in court, give legal advice to a client or quote a fee to a client. However, paralegals acting under the direction of an attorney can perform any other legal services assigned and supervised. What that means in legalese is that legal documents written by GhostWriter Paralegal for an Attorney or law firm are conformed to and contain the signature block of that Attorney and law firm supervising.

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