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Assess Our Work Product

Ask Us To Send You A Sample Pleading Or Other Technical Legal Document That We Drafted Previously.

Ask For A Writing Sample -  Civil Litigation Filing [civil complaint, amended complaint, motion, response, reply, memorandum of law, or other filing]; or  Criminal Defense Filings for criminal trial, post conviction, or appeal.

We have written thousands of legal documents and hundreds of substantive legal documents.

GhostWriter Paralegal wants to earn your business and to develop a continuing professional relationship with you and your law firm.  The best way to know up front that GhostWriter Paralegal's  work product will meet or exceed your expectations is to review a writing sample of a similar legal work product already produced.

Technical Legal Writing is what we do as a full service for attorneys, that can be on site as needed in south Florida, or from a remote location for attorneys located anywhere in the United States.

Send us an email requesting a writing sample and one will be gladly emailed to you.

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