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GhostWriter Paralegal

Senior Litigation Paralegal Services For Attorneys
On Site Or From Remote Location

Virtual Senior Paralegal Services Provided By GhostWriter Paralegal, Chartered, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Attorney only legal document drafting and litigation support services:

    ●    Case initiation to disposition, pleadings, legal memoranda, motion practice, hearings, discovery, exhibits, trial preparation and trial support

    ●    Internet based investigative services and compilations from multiple databases

    ●    All civil litigation support for appeals, and administrative proceedings

    ●    All federal and state criminal trial support, appeals, and post conviction

    ●    Paralegal services that you need to make your law office operate more smoothly and efficiently, while freeing up your time for other more profitable matters

    ●    Support for case management, case progress, and filing deadlines

●  Complex litigation legal document drafting services for attorneys only

● Coordination of additional  investigative services with licensed private investigators as needed

● You work hard for your clients-GhostWriter Paralegal, Chartered will work hard for you!


Virtual Senior Paralegal
Joe Pappacoda

JD, BSBA Financial Accounting

28 years experience in both trial and appellate litigation  in Florida.  Adept in all legal research and legal writing assignments with keen analytical skills for technical, regulatory, and compliance. Extensive background in forensic and financial accounting. [Former Attorney. Former Senior Accountant  KPMG. Former State Law Enforcement Agent.]


Why GhostWriter Paralegal?

Because you only provide your clients with the best quality legal work product achievable.  That's why.


 If you are over booked, expanding your law practice, or fields of practice, need law office support, or would just like more time for yourself, you should strongly consider the pros of hiring and benefits of outsourcing some of your legal work to Ghostwriter Paralegal.


    Self starter- Team player-Task Oriented-Attention To Technical Legal Detail

    Exceptional Virtual Senior Paralegal Services at affordable prices - quoted hourly, weekly, or by project.

We Serve Only Attorneys-Not The General Public

[We will not have direct client contact with your clients, and will not receive, disburse or handle trust fund property.]


Assess Our Work Product For Yourself

Ask Us To Send You A Sample Pleading Or Other Technical Legal Document That We Drafted Previously.

Ask For A Writing Sample -  Civil Litigation Filing [civil complaint, amended complaint, motion, response, reply, memorandum of law, or other filing]; or  Criminal Defense Filings for criminal trial, post conviction, or appeal.

We have written thousands of legal documents and hundreds of substantive legal documents.

GhostWriter Paralegal wants to earn your business and to develop a continuing professional relationship with you and your law firm.  The best way to know up front that GhostWriter Paralegal's  work product will meet or exceed your expectations is to review a writing sample of a similar legal work product already produced.


Technical Legal Writing is what we do as a full service for attorneys, that can be on site as needed in south Florida, or from a remote location for attorneys located anywhere in the United States where paralegals do not require State licensure.

Send us an email requesting a writing sample and one will be gladly emailed to you.


Additionally, there are several Articles on this site that may also be useful to you in your assessment of the writing quality that you will receive from GhostWriter Paralegal, Chartered.

United States Court House

Mission Statement

Your Success In Court

GhostWriter Paralegal prides itself with consistently producing quality legal work product second to none in the paralegal industry. Most final draft substantive legal documents written by GhostWriter Paralegal for Attorneys are filed by those Attorneys with no major edits. These are not rote filings, but substantive technical legal pleadings, motions, responses, replies, and memoranda of law drafted specifically for you on behalf of your clients. These documents are written just the way you would write them- with attention to technical factual detail, and the application of current case law from multiple databases to the specific facts of your case.

GhostWriter Paralegal strives to produce only the best achievable legal work product  obtainable and works for Attorneys only.

GhostWriter Paralegal does not just write, but writes in anticipation of your win in court arguing the legal documents written for you on behalf of your clients.

Your win is also our win!


Your success in Court is our ultimate Mission Statement!

Big Desk

It's A Virtual World..

Replete With Special Cases, Backlogged Litigation, And Legal Projects Vying For Your Attention

GhostWriter Paralegal can competently complete any legal  writing assignment or litigation project task assigned from a remote location-delivered to any Attorney or law firm in a timely manner. Don't wait any longer to address those cases and projects that have been sitting on the back burner. Now is the time to jump in with both feet by hiring GhostWriter Paralegal as your Virtual Senior Paralegal Assistant for any size legal project.

Young Lawyer

Expanding Your Practice?

GhostWriter Paralegal Can Help You Decide Whether To Take That New Case

If you are an attorney unfamiliar with an area of the law that you are considering delving into, please feel free to contact GhostWriter Paralegal. You may just decide that with our assistance you are more comfortable taking that new case in an area of law that you are expanding your practice to include. As an attorney you can become competent in an area of law that your are unfamiliar with through your own self study. GhostWriter Paralegal is here to assist you with your own self study by providing you with on point research materials related to that new area of law you are considering.

If you are an attorney thinking about expanding your practice by hiring a new attorney or attorneys, please consider the cost-benefit of hiring GhostWriter Paralegal as a virtual senior paralegal assistant in lieu of hiring a new attorney assistant, in consideration of the quality of legal work product you will receive from GhostWriter Paralegal combined with substantial cost savings.

GhostWriter Paralegal utilizes the data transfer services of vendor that makes the online transfer of large data files both secure and easy. Consolidation or excerption of large data files is oftentimes necessary especially in motion practice, summary judgment preparation, exhibits preparation, and prior to trial. 

Paralegals may not represent a client in court, give legal advice to a client, quote a fee to a client, accept a case for an attorney from a member of the general public, take depositions, plan legal strategy, or make legal decisions.  However, paralegals acting under the direction of an attorney can generally perform any other legal services assigned and supervised by an attorney. For more information about what general legal services paralegals can perform for an attorney and an attorney's responsibilities related to those services performed, please see ABA Model Guidelines For Utilization Of Paralegal Services. 


In Florida the Florida Bar reporting requirements delineated in Rule 3-6.1 Florida Rules Of Professional Conduct are applicable to Senior Litigation Paralegal Joe Pappacoda. Other reporting requirements may be applicable in your particular state.


All legal documents written by GhostWriter Paralegal for an Attorney or law firm are conformed to your practice and contain the signature block(s) of the Attorney(s) and law firm supervising. The final draft legal writing assignment is provided to you, together with current supporting caselaw cited within the document, for your review and acceptance, or requested further edit. No legal writing assignment is finished until you put your stamp of approval on it and sign it personally.

Data Cable Installation

Our Research Database Vendors And Online Research Tools

GhostWriter Paralegal Utilizes These Informational Database Vendors And Investigative Tools Online To Meet The Needs Of Any Legal Writing Assignment, And/Or Online Investigative Research Assignment

All Public Records Online

All Federal And All State Websites, For Current Laws, Historical Laws,

Regulations And Technical Compliance Issues

All Clerk Of Court Online Document Search Websites

All County Online Document Search Websites

All Internet Based Web Research Specific To The Legal Assignment

All Common Law Research Materials, As Needed

Various Online Investigative Tools, Including: 

Data Transfer Tools, including:

And many others..

Ghostwriter Paralegal Utilizes All Public Third Party Database Resources, Legal Research Database Vendors, Data Transfer Vendors, And Investigative Tool Vendors Necessary To Ensure Complete Legal Research Specific To Your Legal Writing Assignment

Get in Touch

Questions, comments or requests? Feel free to reach out by email or phone.

GhostWriter Paralegal, Chartered, a Florida Professional Limited Liability Company, Document Number: L18000135270


Joe Pappacoda, JD, BSBA Financial Accounting

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